since 2009, peace photography has sold photos, notecards, calendars, and books as an ongoing fundraiser for several small non-profit community groups worldwide (linked to at your left), with all proceeds going to these groups.

as of 2013, i am sorry to say that peace photography items are no longer available for sale online on this site (with the exception of the coffeetable book, linked to below).  it's unfortunately a commitment that i can't keep up with anymore.  i have also reduced the number of organizations that our profits will be distributed to each year.

however, i will continue to sell peace photography photo notecards and calendars in person at a 'fair trade market' ( held each spring and fall in the twin cities, minnesota.  please do stop by; it's an amazing fundraiser for international NGO's, with 50+ vendors selling arts and crafts from around the world.

many thanks for your support over the years, and i hope to continue seeing some of you at these sales!


peace photography: the book

so, here it is. i've been working on this for a while, and here we have it. i'm proud of it, and proud to offer it to you here: 120 8"x10" photos from around the world, with peaceful quotes sprinkled throughout. the 'widget' just above should allow you to preview and/or purchase the entire book online [in fullscreen!].

it's available in softcover and hardcover. i've got one copy of each myself, and can honestly say that the hardcover is well worth it -- it's a real coffee table book that way. i think it would make a great gift for anyone, including just for yourself. if you're gonna drop a chunk of your hard-earned cash anywhere on this site; this is the best place to do it.