purchases, shipping, returns, custom orders, etc.

all purchases of digital photos, photo prints, notecards, calendars, and [in the future] books can be made via the paypal links and dropdown menus found on each individual post/page.

each item is printed and assembled to order [our selection is wide enough, and our cash reserves small enough, that we can’t keep everything in stock all at once], so please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping and handling. all shipments will be sent via usps first class or priority mail [depending on the size/shape of the total order].

the cost of shipping is included in the prices listed, for every order shipped within the continental united states. [sales tax is not included in the prices listed.]

if you would like to inquire about orders to be shipped outside of the continental u.s., please email us [eric@peacephotography.org].

we unfortunately cannot accept returns/exchanges, unless there has been an error in the shipment. if you have a problem or concern with any order that you have purchased or received, please do not hesitate to email us to fix the problem.

if you would like to inquire about a special price for a bulk order, or for products that are not listed here on the site [poster-size prints, etc.] please feel free to email us.

keep in mind that the digital file of all images on this website can be purchased for just $15, and used any way that you’d like [excluding the resale of the photo], so if you want larger prints, multiple prints, photo-mugs, or any other odd thing, the cheapest route might just be to purchase the photo file from us and then order your own prints/merchandise.

if you are an organization that is interested in using one of our photos in a publication of some sort, you may purchase the digital file for $15 via the website. our photos have been used in websites, brochures, newsletters, promotional materials, academic reports, and holiday cards around the world, and we are always honored to receive new requests…

for whatever it’s worth; we are not actually a 501c3 registered non-profit. we are a small business [sole proprietorship] choosing to operate within a volunteer, non-profit financial model:

· 100% of profits are donated to non-profit organizations in minnesota and around the world.

· profits = income from sales + donations – materials – overhead costs – taxes

· all photographers/staff are volunteers, and receive no salary or payments [we have day jobs, this is just a fun hobby].

we would also like to mention that peace photography itself is not a religious organization in any way. we believe that our mission and ideals are shared by people of many different faith traditions, or of none at all. likewise, our efforts go to support a variety of non-profits that do social justice work with both religious and non-religious motivations in mind.