about peace photography

i started peace photography in 2009 as a way of supporting and staying connected to the many development organizations i've known or worked with through the years.

i have somehow been privileged enough to work or volunteer with countless amazing groups and people around the world, and i've found that photos are both an amazing way of preserving my own memories, and also an effective way to share a love of the world --and all its people-- with others around me.

there is so much beauty, courage, and hope in this world, yet also so much pain, struggle, and need. i can't really pretend that photos ever come close to capturing this. but, i do believe that they can remind us of communities outside of our own, and our strange common bond with those whom we don't know, and will never meet.

one of my favorite song lyrics goes:

"when the world is sick, can't no one be well.
but i dreamt we was all beautiful and strong."

so, this project is just a bit of work in honor of that dream. thanks for your interest and support.

eric gruen