photographers overview

peace photography welcomes contributions from volunteer photographers who wish to donate images, and specify a favorite non-profit to receive the proceeds from sales of those images. our goal is simply to be a collective of volunteers who wish to use photo sales to support non-profits that we love, and raise awareness and connections to their work.

in addition to our online presence, we have a variety of public displays and exhibitions of our photos around the twin cities. [see the ‘news’ tab for a complete listing.] we are always on the lookout for more opportunities to share our work in cafes, galleries, and community spaces.

currently we are five contributors, and we aim to expand to include the work of other like-minded photographers. if this sounds interesting to you, please feel free to write to to learn more about how to get involved.

using the ‘photographers’ links on the right, you can find a brief bio of each photographer, together with the images that they have contributed. [you may also search for these same images categorized under the ‘photo collections' list.]