spring 2010 newsletter

hello friends,

eric here, with a spring newsletter; full of of lots of news, and many letters. i know that it might not exactly be spring where you live, and/or the coming of spring might not mean a lot to you. but, i live in minnesota. and when you live in minnesota, springtime is a pretty awesome thing, and something to get excited about. so, a happy spring to you... here's the news:

[please see attached event flyers and just-for-fun collages. and as always, forward this along to anyone you'd like.]


peace photography photos, notecards, and other stuff on sale at the 'world jubilee fair trade market'...
[with sponsorship from minneapolis' own "peace coffee"]

saturday, april 17, 9am - 4pm
gloria dei lutheran church
700 snelling avenue south, st. paul
[one block north of highland parkway, on snelling]

a good friend kim shultz has kindly invited me to set up a table of peace photography merchandise at this semi-annual fair trade craft market. come on down to say hello, buy a card or print at great sale prices, and check out the many other displays of fairly-traded arts and crafts benefiting other community groups around the world. [cards, pottery, baskets, jewelry, clothing, carvings, toys, textiles, needlework, rugs, instruments, and more... kim herself will be selling hand-made paper products benefiting an organization in south africa.]

in addition, thanks to our kind "corporate" sponsors, a free bag of "peace coffee" beans is complimentary with any purchase of $10 or more [while supplies last]. peace photography and peace coffee; an obnoxiously obvious partnership that i've been dreaming of for a long time, and now it's finally come true. [www.peacecoffee.com]

i'll have a huge selection of stuff on hand, and everything's on sale: [and remember, mother's day is coming up...]

4x6 prints = $1 [not availabe via the website at all]
5x7 photo notecards = $3 or $10 for 4 [regularly $4 via the website]
digital photo files = $10 [regularly $15 via the website]
framed and matted 8x10 prints = $40 [regularly $50 via the website]
flyers and business cards = free
bags of "peace coffee" = free with $10 purchase [while supplies last]
120-page 8x10 book of photos = $39.95 [sample copy available for browsing, order online if interested]

attached with this email is a flyer from the world jubilee organization, and my own flyer from peace photography [plus two bonus photo collages just for fun].


peace photography publishes first book of photos...

that's right, you can now decorate your coffee table with 120 glossy pages of peace photography photos. the books are each printed to order, and can be previewed and purchased online right here [http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/1273849, in case hyperlinks don't work with your email].

you can actually preview every single page of the entire book in fullscreen mode if you'd like, which is pretty cool. there is also a little "widget" right on our homepage that enables you to preview and purchase the book directly. [www.peacephotography.org]

it's $39.95 for an 8"x10" softcover book. which is a lot of money, i know. turns out it's real easy to self-publish a book, but not real cheap. but, you could kind of think of it as buying 120 8"x10" photo prints. if you bought that many prints through our site, you'd be shelling out $2,760. so, it's kind of a great deal if you look at it that way... [haha].

and as always, all proceeds from this book [and everything else we sell] go directly towards our partner non-profits.

[this would be a pretty bad-ass mother's day gift, i might add.]


peace photography embarks upon a 'dunn brothers world tour'...

the kind folks at dunn brothers coffeeshops are hosting galleries of our peace photography photos for the next three months. after june, our photo collection would love to continue the world tour at a cafe near you... let me know if you've got ideas or hookups. [and many thanks to hdmg studios in eden prairie and lily's cafe in northeast minneapolis for hosting our photos the past few months.]

april - dunn bros in edina [on xerxes south of crosstown 62]
may - dunn bros in minneapolis [4648 e. lake street]
june - dunn bros in minneapolis [530 university avenue se]


custom notecard sets now available for purchase...

you can officially forget about hallmark. they will surely be out of business soon, at least by june. you can now assemble your own custom set of 1, 2, 5, or 10 cards, choosing from ANY of the photos found on our website. [all cards are hand assembled at our humble minneapolis headquarters, with a 4"x6" photo, mounted on a 5"x7" card, custom peace photography stamp on the back, packaged inside a classy plastic display bag].


valentine's notecards for haiti...

many thanks to all the lovebirds who supported our partner non-profit in haiti [www.amurthaiti.org] by buying notecards in february. $111.92 was raised for amurt, and i know they will appreciate it. our total 2010 sales are $209.35 so far. [which isn't too shabby, if you consider that i have a 'real' job during the day, and tend to do this photography stuff on friday nights at 1am... haha.]


other photographers welcome...

we welcome photo submissions from other photographers who wish to sell a handful of photos via our website, in support of a non-profit of their choosing. right now the peace photography collective is just 3 [my wife molly, my aunt's awesome brother david, and myself] but i have set up the whole thing so that other interested folks can join up. the more the merrier. just shoot me an email [eric@peacephotography.org] to start the conversation...


as always, let's end it with a quote...

elvia elvarado ends her book with these words, i end my photography book with these words, and they'll be a great end to this newsletter, too:

from "don't be afraid, gringo" by elvia elvarado:

“i hate to offend you, but we won’t get anywhere by just writing and reading books. i know that books are important, and i hope this book will be important for the people who read it. but we can’t just read it and say, “those poor campesinos. what a miserable life they have.” or others might say, “what a nice book. that woman elvia sounds like a nice woman.” i imagine there’ll be others who say, “that elvia is a foul-mouthed, uppity campesina.” but the important thing is not what you think of me; the important thing is for you to do something.

we’re not asking for food or clothing or money. we want you with us in the struggle. we want you to educate your people. we want you to organize your people. we want you to denounce what your government is doing in central america.

from those of you who feel the pain of the poor, who feel the pain of the murdered, the disappeared, the tortured, we need more than sympathy. we need you to join the struggle. don’t be afraid, gringos. keep your spirits high. and remember, we’re right there with you!”


that's all folks,
thanks for your time.

peace out,